Five Musketeers


Our Foundation has changed its name, and its vision…

We realised there was some confusion amongst the general public as to who we are and what we are part of. We would like to emphasize that our Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation that is not part of The Desert Lion Trust of Dr Philip Stander, which is one of the reasons why we have decided to change our name. The Foundation raises funds for Desert lion conservation in general, which includes The Desert Lion Trust, the IRDNC as well as other established conservation organisations.

Although our aim is currently to raise awareness and generate funds for the Desert lions, it’s not only these lions that need our help. The other lion populations that are currently vanishing in front of our very own eyes are in need of our support as well.

With the “Vanishing Kings” films as a great example of what we as founders and filmmakers wish to achieve, it seems fitting to continue as The Vanishing Kings Foundation.