Vision 2020

Lions are in decline in most parts of Africa, and this iconic species is now under threat.

Our main focus is currently on the Desert lions of Namibia, but we aim to provide support for all the vanishing lion populations in Africa. Wherever assistance is needed to ensure the survival of a lion population, whether in the Namib Desert, the Kalahari or the Great Rift Valley, the Foundation aims to raise awareness and generate funds to help with lion conservation as a whole.

Our Vision 2020 focuses on the following;

  • Environmental Education & Awareness
  • Scientific Research
  • Fundraising

Environmental Education & Awareness

With our wildlife films we aim to reach audiences worldwide to raise awareness for the lions. Only once we start caring for them, can we ensure their survival. Through these films we bring the lions’ intimate life stories to the rest of the world, effecting people’s emotions and mindsets, and with that, encourage generating funds through donations, and increasing tourism potential for photographic safaris.

We also aim to show our films to the local communities in Africa, by doing roadshows and by donating the films to local tv-channels. To inform and educate community members is a first step into creating an environment where rural farmers can co-exist with lions. DVDs of the films are also provided to a variety of organizations with the aim to distribute to field libraries and schools. The films are a form of education that act as a catalyst in starting conversations to find human-lion conflict solutions. ‘Vanishing Kings’ has been translated into the Namibian local language Damara, and the Foundation aims to have it translated into Herero, and other local languages, as well. Especially the young generation has an important responsibility for the future of the lions. Mainly through use of media – social media, television and radio -, the Foundation strives to motivate young people to seek a future in nature conservation, eco-tourism and other job opportunities that will contribute to the conservation of lions and the natural environment as a whole.

For more information on our Desert lion films:


The Foundation believes in supporting the research and monitoring of lions. Only through ongoing research can we understand an animal’s way of life, and thereby find the right solutions to ensure their survival.

Intensive research on the Desert lions of Namibia has been ongoing for twenty years, by scientist Dr Philip Stander. Over the course of two decades, he has gained extensive knowledge on the survival of these rare Desert lions. Philip’s long-term research has played a crucial role in finding solutions for the biggest threat Desert lions face: conflict with humans. His significant contribution to the Human-Lion Conflict Management Plan has been implemented by the Government of Namibia. This will undoubtedly lead to better conservation strategies for the Desert lions, which form a most valuable asset for the country.

The Foundation has provided funds towards a world-first book about the Desert lions of Namibia, written by Dr Philip Stander. The book “Vanishing Kings – Lions of the Namib Desert” is an exceptional record of everything we know about Desert lions today. Read more about the book here.


Through film screening fundraising events, private donor facilitation, and sales of books and DVD’s, we aim to generate funds for lion conservation. The biggest threat lions face in today’s world is conflict with rural communities. In order for people to co-exist with lions, we provide funds to conservation organisations that deal directly with mitigating human-lion conflict, such as IRDNC and The Desert Lion Trust. Besides educational initiatives, we make funds available for satellite collars, salaries for Lion Rangers, lion-proof corrals for livestock, lion deterring systems, and field vehicles.