Five years ago in the Namib Desert, three lionesses gave birth to a cohort of five male cubs. A unique phenomenon, and a first to desert science. With poaching, hunting and human-lion conflict at its worst ever, their future seemed doomed from the start. But these ‘Five Musketeers’ were raised by a legendary ‘Queen’, who grew to become the oldest lioness ever recorded in the desert. She left behind a legacy that would see them survive the most difficult of times and form a coalition of five brothers that could become the ultimate desert kings one day.

The first film, “Vanishing Kings – Lions of the Namib”, revealed the intricate life story of these five young males on their journey towards adulthood. By the end of the film, the ‘Five Musketeers’ have started a new phase of life, as they head out into the desert as a strong coalition of young nomads.

In this follow-up, yet independent film, we continue to tell their story – this time through the eyes of the last surviving ‘Musketeer’… and their guardian, scientist Dr Philip Stander. With them we go back to their trials and tribulations as youngsters, and to their journey as nomads in search for their own kingdom. Through his eyes we experience the challenges they were faced with as a large coalition, from finding sufficient prey, to avoiding the dangers of the rural villages on the fringes of the desert. And our sole survivor shows us how they thrived as the youngest pride males ever in the Namib, and how they eventually lost the essence of their very existence… their brotherhood.