Between 2011 and 2015 wildlife filmmakers Will & Lianne Steenkamp joined forces with scientist Dr Philip Stander to produce an in-depth behavioural wildlife film about the Desert lions of Namibia. The filmmakers spent over two years in the field following a specific pride of Desert lions. It is a true story about the survival of five young male lions on their epic journey to adulthood.

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The film has received major recognition throughout the world and has won numerous awards. It has also been nominated for a prestigious Emmy-award. The film has been shown on many international tv-channels, including ORF, Arte, Smithsonian Channel, and National Geographic.

The filmmakers have provided the film to several local organisations and tv-channels, and they have donated the Namibian rights of “Vanishing Kings – Lions of the Namib” to The Desert Lion Trust, for which DVD sales supply a steady, albeit small income. The film has reached a global audience, and with that it has given the Desert lions more exposure than ever before. The ‘Five Musketeers’ became famous, and with that, the cause for the Desert lions has been brought into the spotlight. In this way “Vanishing Kings – Lions of the Namib” has proven to be a valuable film for conservation. With the film being such a great success, the filmmakers decided to produce a sequel, to continue following the life story of the famous ‘Five Musketeers’. Read more about the sequel ‘Vanishing Kings – Desert Lion Legacy’.

Apart from the film, the filmmakers have donated generous funds to the local communities for the construction of several lion-proof corrals with the aim to help reduce human-lion conflict.

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